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What keeps you up at night

Insomniac Press was founded as a poetry chapbook press in 1992 by Mike O'Connor. Over three decades, Mike evolved Insomniac into a medium-size independent press known for eye-catching and boundary-pushing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction titles. Specializing in unique themes, including Black studies and queer fiction, Insomniac has sold books in 40 countries around the world.

In 2020, under the guidance of a new editorial board, the press is evolving again: the new mandate of Insomniac Press is to amplify voices that resist oppression.

In enacting our new mandate, we pledge to authors and readers alike that we will

publish with courage, integrity, and transparency

practice our politics (including intersectional feminism, Indigenous sovereignty, anti-fascism, and climate justice) through our selection and promotion of works

prioritize authors with BIPOC, LGBTQ2SIAA+, disabled, and low & precarious income backgrounds and experiences

explore new editorial practices that better prioritize authors’ safety and their right to work with editors who share in their experiences

respect diversity of intent, concept, and aesthetic practice by embracing nonconformity and experimentation, by meeting each author’s work on its own terms, and — as Insomniac always has — by striving to publish the most exciting new writers we can find


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