Insomniac Press is not currently considering unsolicited manuscripts.
Our most recent submission period ended on September 7, 2020.

Is Insomniac a good fit for your work?

Insomniac Press publishes fiction (short fiction & novel), literary non-fiction (essay & long-form), and poetry by Canadian residents and citizens. Our new mandate — to amplify voices that resist oppression — guides the consideration of all submissions. We welcome manuscripts that

  • exhibit justice-oriented politics (including intersectional feminism, Indigenous sovereignty, anti-fascism, and climate justice);
  • are written by authors with BIPOC, LGBTQ2SIAA+, disabled, and low & precarious income backgrounds and experiences;
  • and/or embrace aesthetic nonconformity and experimentation.

How are submissions considered?

Submissions are initially reviewed by one or more members of our Editorial Board, acting as Acquisitions Editors for a given submission period. The Acquisitions Editors recommend manuscripts for final evaluation, which is conducted by the full Editorial Board.

We welcome submissions from past Insomniac authors, whose manuscripts' initial review will be fast-tracked.

Should your manuscript be selected for publication, we will prioritize your right to work with an editor who shares your experiences.