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The Best of the Worst News Tales of Inspiration from Around the World and My Life with ALS


Norman MacIsaac

Norman MacIsaac was alone on a cold December day when he received his worst news. At first, he didn’t know what to do with a prognosis of just a few years to live, of growing more and more disabled until he could no longer move, swallow, or, in the end, breathe. 

Travel the world with the author in search of wisdom and inspiration, from the Himalayas to the slums of Mumbai, from his home in Montreal to the African savannah. Written over nearly five years, this is an authentic “live” look at the multiple and evolving challenges, the frustrations, and the unparalleled joy that mark living with a degenerative terminal illness. 

This book is about the emotional and psychological aspects rather than the medical side of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s or motor neuron disease. It’s about focusing on what’s really important and overcoming obstacles to experience the best of what remains to be lived. It’s an ode to a life well lived and an audacious approach to defiantly embracing the best of the worst news.

Memoir  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-239-2  ·  322 pages  ·  5" x 8”

River Revery


Penn Kemp

Rivers are often used in mythology to represent boundaries; to cross the river is to transform. The poems in River Revery reflect the river Thames as it winds through the city of London, Ontario. Because the Thames forks into two streams at the city’s core, it was called Askunessippi, “the antlered river,” by the original Algonquin inhabitants. For Indigenous communities, it is “Deshkan Ziibiing.” In re-naming the river the Thames, English settlers colonized forbidding new territory as an imitation of ‘home,’ rather than embracing the vibrancy of the river as it is. A distillation of ecological concern is a current necessity in River Revery. Such inspiration in poetry is one source for right action since the Thames waters our gardens, real and imaginary.

Poetry  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-238-5 ·  122 pages  ·  5" x 8”

The Russian A Blake Waiter mystery


Brad Kelln

The Russian is the exciting sequel to Brad Kelln’s Tell Me More. Picking up only months after the events of the first installment, this second book in the Blake Waiter series finds our reluctant hero in the middle of an international debacle. 

While his wife continues to struggle with the multiple tragedies that have befallen their family, including the disappearance of their son some three years ago, and while he tries to care for her, Dr. Waiter gets assigned a new client from the Special Services Coordination for High-Value Assets (or SSCHVA for short) only to find out that this patient is a controversial Russian submariner who is officially listed as dead. 

Before Blake can even meet the man, a hostage-taking on a Halifax Harbour ferry draws the attention of police, and they enlist his services. Throw in the return of the British assassin, Constant White; the assistance of Blake’s favourite patient, Chuck; and the rumours that the Waiters’ son might have returned, and let the non-stop action begin.

Mystery  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-241-5 ·  336 pages  ·  5" x 8”

scorpion season


Tara McGowan-Ross

In this narrative in verse, a failed academic with a dead-end domestic labour job disappears into her own consciousness in an attempt to distance herself from her circumstances. Up against poverty and political tyranny that seems to worsen by the day, she finds solace in substance abuse and destructive relationships. But as the boundaries between fantasy, reality, her past, and her present start to break down, she’s left to figure out what in her life is within her control and what is simply written in the stars. A meditation on grief, pleasure, free will, and totalitarianism, Scorpion Season is an experimental and genre-bending book of poetry about a strange time to be alive.

Poetry  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-240-8 ·  84 pages  ·  5" x 8”

Investigation into the death of Roberto Bolaño

Investigation into the death of Roberto Bolaño

Stan Rogal

This film noir novel begins with the Chilean government wanting to celebrate the life and work of the supposedly deceased Roberto Bolaño until they get an anonymous tip that he may still be alive and lurking. Afraid that he’ll show up and ruin their celebration — he never agreed with the politics, and he frowned on the literature being lauded in Chile; in fact, he found acceptance and fame after he moved to Spain — they ask the local police authorities to make sure he’s actually dead.

Poet, novelist, and play-wright Stan Rogal’s work has appeared in magazines and anthologies in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. He is the author of twenty-five books, including this one. He lives in Toronto.

Fiction  ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-234-7  ·  178 pages  ·  5" x 8”

Mindful Landlord: How to Run Rental Property for Profit and Peace of Mind

Mindful Landlord
How to Run Rental Property for Profit and Peace of Mind

Terrie Schauer

The real estate coaching industry is a noisy place. Gurus, agents, and coaches compete to sell their brand of get-rich-quick training. It’s a climate that encourages new investors to take big risks, leverage to the hilt, and do as many deals as possible—fast. As a result, many fledgling landlords seek deals without assessing the quality of what they’re buying. There is a real lack of resources that espouse calm. 

Mindful Landlord offers a middle way through this noise. Focusing on questions such as how, what for, how much, and why, author Terrie Schauer takes a holistic view of creating financial freedom through real estate investing. 

Business/Property Management/ Real Estate ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-236-1 ·  324 pages  ·  5" x 8”

Why Me and No Gold Watch?

Why Me and No Gold Watch?

Rick Atkinson

When most people think about retirement, they imagine leaving a job they dislike, dropping out of the rat race and turning their back on the pressures of employment. They often see retirement as a welcome change or an escape to something more peaceful and serene.

However, retiring is not only about giving up your job and spending your days relaxing: it’s also about entering one of the most exciting and challenging stages of life. Retirement can be a time to draw upon your personal and professional experiences to open new doors of opportunity and education. It can be a time to realize your potential and accomplish significant goals that you delayed because of the responsibilities of working and raising a family.

The opportunities in retirement are endless; however, a successful retirement doesn’t come without its hurdles. There are many considerations such as living on a reduced income, creating a health and wellness strategy, examining relationships with family and friends, allocating personal time, establishing living arrangements, adopting and adapting to different social roles and adjusting to the eventual death of a partner, friends and family members.

Business/Retirement Planning ·  Canada $19.95  ·  US $19.95  ·  Trade paperback  ·  ISBN 978-1-55483-235-4 ·  288 pages  ·  5" x 8”