Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth - stories by Christopher Evans

A pop song haunts a woman to the verge of breakdown. Radical surgery gives hope to a screen-obsessed teen. A failing musician seeks validation with an unlikely collaborator. Domestic argument goes supernatural. Nine siblings band together to raise themselves. An upscale gift shop faces the wrath of a telekinetic narrator.

At the threshold of perception and reality is a labyrinth, stalked by who you think you are, who others think you are, and who you want to be. Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth is peopled by such strays—those who fall for the allure of nostalgia, grapple with male fragility, deny familial trauma, and acquiesce to arbitrary authority figures. Where resignation and reinvention are a breath apart, where the worldless and otherworldly meet, nothing could be further from the truth.

Christopher Evans (he) is a writer, editor, and teacher, whose work has appeared in EVENT, The Literary Review, and Best Canadian Poetry and has been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. He lives in Vancouver, BC, with his partner and daughter. Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth is his debut collection.

Spring 2021 · Short fiction · Trade paperback · Editor: Sanchari Sur

Photo by Curtis LeBlanc

Advance Praise for Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

Evans's stories are littered with characters who are under the impression they are normal people. They are horribly, tragically mistaken . . . a perfect depiction of human nature. These stories are hilarious, strange, and touching. At their root, they are an exploration of the deep sadness of modern existence, which can only be conveyed through an equally deep humour.

—Jen Neale, author of Land Mammals and Sea Creatures, finalist for the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize

Uncanny in their capture of the anxiety of our times, these stories buzz with urgency, sting with humour, and probe a beguiling dream state: the absurdity and audacity of being human.

—Nancy Lee, author of The Age (finalist for the international France-Canada Literary Award) and Dead Girls (winner of the 2003 VanCity Book Prize)

In crisp, forthright prose, Christopher Evans's clear-eyed and compassionate collection of stories documents a present (and near future) that is both utterly bizarre and ambiguously hopeful. This is exactly what we need to be reading.

—Carleigh Baker, author of Bad Endings, finalist for the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize

Christopher Evans’s stories fracture the mundane to reveal a bedrock of absurdity. Like Donald Barthelme, Evans brandishes humour in the face of reality, both defamiliarizing and helping us see more clearly the familiar emotional lives of his characters. These stories will make you laugh — until you notice your reflection peeking out between the pages.

—John Elizabeth Stintzi, author of Vanishing Monuments and Junebat


Chris Evans knows how to write. ... That delicious, inspiring, frustrating process — the cloudlike swirl between a notion, a visual or mood and the ultimate written word. No different than a well-crafted joke, a polished song or the last daub of acrylic on canvas. ...

Bill Arnott in The Miramichi Reader