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Anne Perdue

Anne Perdue

Anne Perdue lives in Toronto.

Praise for Anne Perdue

"Anne Perdue is one of my favourite writers — a funny, scary, master of disguise. Her voice is just as convincing in the body of a teenage dish-pig, an alcoholic grandmother or a raging suburban dad. Her characters feel as real as anyone you've ever met; they’re scared and scarred, with wells of kindness pooling beneath the skin. And the universe they inhabit is much like ours — a cracked one, where fury, joy, madness, or molten lava could burst through the surface at any moment. In a perfect world, everyone would be reading Anne Perdue. In the one we've got, everyone should." — Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall, author of Ghosted and Down to This: Squalor and Splendor in a Big-City Shantytown


 · I'm A Registered Nurse Not A Whore (2010)
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