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Gillian Savigny wins the 2013 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award for Notebook M. More »

Hot off the press


   By Jon Paul Fiorentino

Royal Mountain City Fugue

Royal Mountain City Fugue
   By Ian Orti

The Broad Side

The Broad Side
   By Eve Zaremba
Yellow Vengeance

Yellow Vengeance
The third Calli Barnow mystery celebrates family: lost, found, chosen, and unexpected. She faces her most difficult challenges yet, confronting the unthinkable, armed only with the love of her friends, and her own inner resources.

Other Highlights

Tumbling Tide
by Peter Goodchild
Around 2030 oil production may drop to half of its peak amount. What will happen as we reach the point where there is no practical way to get whatever is still in the ground?
Swimming in the Ocean
by Catherine Jenkins
Toss secrets into the water. Become free from the bonds of silence and unnamed tensions that often hold us back from embracing our sometimes uncomfortable and cumbersome selves.
From Seed to Table
by Janette Haase
Eating locally grown and seasonal foods addresses many of the social and environmental problems raised by today's energy intensive methods of food production.
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Insomniac Authors On The Podium

Notebook M by Gillian Savigny has won the 2013 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, recognizing the best first book of poetry by a Canadian. The concept of Notebook M was inspired by the notes of Charles Darwin—both scientific and non-scientific—including his notebook of the same name.

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